Thursday, May 26, 2011


Personal Perception.

I find it interesting culture differences... professional differences... and personality differences.

I think it's fascinating that someone can do something one way and be genuine and hard working about it... but because of circumstances and expectations of how to react, they could be seen as something else.

What works for you culturally may not work for you or be acceptable by someone else.

What you think is honorable and respectable professionally may come across as completely rude and inconsiderate.

Even if you do stay true to yourself and try to be a respecting, nice, hard working and honorable person... you can offend someone.

Isn't that fascinating????

How to resolve...
I don't have the answer, but can only assume that communication is key.
And when that is not possible... understand that people may hate you for who they "think" you are... and in that hate, they are only disturbing their own peace.

How to make a difference...
Try not to take anything that anyone does personal... (courtesy of Ryron Gracie)
Also know that every moment with a human being is nothing but a small tiny film clip of a huge motion picture. Don't expect to understand the persons character from one incident or scene of it.

Good luck humans. Inspire someone today.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally some down time...

Nuclear Cowboyz is done for the season and I'm finally getting to stay in one place for longer than a week!

Well boredom has it's pay offs, I'm planning a wedding and finished putting together a compilation of some of my favorite work :)

Check it out!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

I had to share this blog post of my friend Kristin Egusa who was in Japan during the quakes.

A little insight from someone who lived it.

As for me ... I'm just happy for health, love and life.

Stay blessed,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Simply Complex...

Inspired by a beautiful soul I'm so lucky to make moments with... I dive into her well said "Simply Complex"

I am a child.
I run free to choose my daily chores, to pay or not to the bills, to eat well or divulge into the sugary temptations of life, to learn more lessons, to meet more friends, to bring more joy into lives through my passions or to hide away in my fort.

I want to love and be loved.
To love those around you without expecting things in return, to be loved without feeling judged, to give love even if it isn't taken well, to show love and see the surprising face on someone who didn't expect it, to inspire to love through acts of love.

I want to grow.
Mentally grow to comprehend things beyond my age and emotional capability, emotionally grow to be able to understand not to take our mental too seriously and spiritually grow enough to know that all this doesn't matter.

I want to perform.
I want to move people, touch peoples hearts, warm peoples souls, brighten peoples day, inspire peoples life choices all through my passion to perform, which I'm lucky to call work.

Now is already gone, now is never here. When you want things to happen now, it's impossible with fear. NOW. NOW. It's just a moment, already gone, yet still here NOW. Why do we want things to happen NOW? Now, let's begin the next moment.

Inspired by the lovely Roxanne... I am Simply Complex.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year... Happy New You!

Currently touring again with my favorite show, the Nuclear Cowboyz are at it again!
This years team grew, adding acrobats and an extra quad and trial rider! Together we make a new team known as the Shadow Warriors!

The amount of work gone into this is described by my dear friend Ferly in the blog of the main site: . She said everything we all were thinking and feeling through this incredible journey.

This is a shot from our first show in Baltimore which was a sold out packed house of amazing energy!

I'll be touring with this job while Ryron set up seminars in every city we're touring so we can tour together ;) Awesome way to start off 2011!!

I finished off 2010 with the privilege of shooting some awesome stuff!

We shot a new episode of GLEE! I'll be in the Superbowl episode! I am unable to post pictures of that until the episode airs :)

The DVD i shot for George St. Pierre's MMA workout is now available! I have yet to get one, but can tell you that in filming this DVD, I sincerely have never been through a better workout... check it out here :

This picture below is from a spoof of the Boyz II Men video I shot with Romany Malco!

I also had the honor of sharing a set with beautiful ladies and a talented artist, Nelly. This was for an upcoming episode of 90210! The people on this set were such a pleasure to work with and so chill and professional. Awesome day!

Lastly... on December 1, 2010.... Ryron Gracie proposed to me... and I said YES!!!!!
Meeting him and having him by my side for these years has been such an unbelievable indescribable pleasure. I've learned more than I thought possible in areas I may have never been open to experience and learned to love more than I knew I could. I truly believe we bring the best out of each other and only hope to be able to do this for the rest of our lives.

May you all be blessed to live this very moment to it's fullest... I treasure the NOW because it is all we can be sure to have.

Thank you for allowing me to share my life and thoughts with you with an open mind and judge-less heart.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Spain, Mexico and GSP :)

I'm laying in my bed in Mendoza, Argentina... finally getting a moment to blog again!

I've been so fortunate to be so busy working, i've barely had time to update.

I spent 6 weeks touring Spain performing with Chayanne. It was followed by some quick shows with him in Mexico, some time to rest and finally with the privilege of working on a fitness DVD with George St. Pierre and my extended family...

I'll begin in Spain... I got to see such beautiful cities from Barcelona to Malaga to the beautiful island of Palma De Mallorca. The crowds were unbelievable and the beauty of each city make it unforgettable.
This was us performing "Baila Baila"
My boyfriend was able to take some time off and come explore beautiful Spain with me! Below is us in Barcelona. We played tourist for two days straight in that city. I do suggest the Bus Tours! Totally worth it and you can go at your own pace!

Ferly did some research and we got to take an authentic Flamenco class in Spain teaching the "abanico" (the fan). Flamenco is such a beautiful form of expression and dance, it really moved me and allowed me to explore living in my fan solo in the song "torero." The teacher taught us to be gentle with the fan but aggressive with our dance. I loved the class.

This was another awesome tourist day in Barcelona with the Boyfriend... the Sagrada Familia. Breathtakingly beautiful architecture in these people's backyards... I doubt they know how lucky they are. But I'm sure the downside of the thousands of tourists there that day obscures that thought...

The incredible lake in the middle of the Parque Del Retiro in Madrid.

The awesome backstreets of Santiago became the "Belly Buttons" backdrop...

This is 'illetes' beach in Palma De Mallorca. Small and hidden away, we got the hints from a local to even visit this place. We were not let down :)

This Cathedral in Palma De Mallorca lit up the night as Spaniards enjoyed a late meal across the water that borders this stunning place. I highly suggest checking out the history of this island and cathedral... it is SO interesting.

This was a miniature model of a main road in Madrid with it's closest building being seen right behind it.

Good times in small town Ciudad Real! They were having a carnival "Festival" type of weekend... so we got to go on bumper cars!! So much fun... til one of the girls wanted to pick a fight with Ferly hahaha... she's not one to be messed with! lol Luckily for that other girl, Ferly kept her cool haha.

Below is my favorite park in Spain... Park Guell ... with my favorite boyfriend... Ryron Gracie :) Boy am I lucky!!

My Brother also happened to be in Barcelona! So of course, we couldn't spend a day without him!! Love him too.

Paella... after a day of shopping on Gran Via in Madrid.... it's all about the good company!

Belly Buttons in front of an amazing Cathedral in Santiago!! Oceans 5 secret mission number 35451.

Beautiful beach in Valencia with 3 of the 5 Oceans :)

BAHAHAHA! If only you knew the sand fight that followed this... Poor Ferly had the wind working against her!
Madrid Atoche Train Station... Taxi anyone??

MALAGA!!! Beach fun in the southern part of Spain...
Barcelona posing on Las Ramblas :)

After show in Monterrey Mexico... Sushi :)

During the first almost full week off in a long time on our tour, I got the privilege to be a part of one of the most fun projects with some of my favorite people!
A Fitness DVD Shoot with George St. Pierre and his trainer Eric Owings.
George is the current UFC champion in his weight class and the workout on this DVD will prove how. I'm frickin' sore and exhausted and I'm quite active... it just works muscle groups that I don't always give attention.
From the left... Roxanne, Steph, Dominique, George GSP, Eric and Me :)

My amazing boyfriend surprised me on set knowing that he was leaving that night and I wouldn't be returning home for over a month! :) Luckily he knew Roxy and Mike to make it happen...

Roxanne... i don't know what it is, but she never fails. Talented female! She can make anyone look good! Not to mention SO much fun to hang out with...
The Saffaie family.... Mike and Roxanne. If I could have them on every set I got to work on, that would be a dream come true! :)
More and better pics from this day will come soon!

And now... I'm in Argentina. reminiscing on the good times and planning for the more amazing to come! A month in Argentina and then my friend Nicole comes down to play for our last week in Chile!!!! So excited.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have updates sooner than later.
Lots of Love!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hotel room to hotel room, venue to venue, plane to plane... the one thing that remains the same is the people you're with...

I'm lucky to have some awesome frickin' people!

Check this video!

pics to come :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


There is definitely no slow to the progression of the technological fad of cell phones... from games to social networking to an overall app war.

But who's really in control??

The service providers... no matter what it is that you want to do, where you need to call or who you need to get in touch with... they are the ones that not only make it possible, but determine how much you're going to pay for it. And unfortunately, we're all paying for it.

There's no need for them to play the game of who's cheaper, especially when some big companies currently have a monopoly on this decades most wanted product... the iphone. This is not about AT&T, although I'm sure much has been written on their mishaps... but, me... I've been a loyal T-Mobile customer for more years than people spend in one kind of car!

Ahhhh T-mobile... you've got great options for plans. Seemingly low prices with a completely confusing website that breaks down your usage ability and its costs. So you purchase the phone and plan... and begin to use away. Only to receive a ridiculous bill later...

roaming charge! -- but i haven't even left my house?? ...
Overage on Data!!!-- but I thought I had unlimited data??
Roaming on data!!!! -- what the heck does unlimited mean??
International charges! -- i have the international plan??
International Roaming! -- what's the difference!??!

I've spent MANY MANY hours talking to representatives who work for T-mobile who don't even understand the website breakdown OR their own policies on prices/packaging.
In the SAME phone call I was transferred to three different representatives who gave me three different answers to the same questions!

If I could ever keep it real with T-mobile, it would say this:
Don't be greedy... phones have become more of a necessity to people than an accessory, your excessive charges are making a bad name for your company, keep it simple. There's a reason your price options and packages keep changing. Why does everyone love in-n-out burger? Because it's reliable, consistent, menu never changes! If your plans and programs never changed, we would all know exactly what we were getting into, because you would never change. Also, train your staff!!!!! I can't blame them for not knowing the new policies and prices, they're changing every month. New price package, new charges, etc.

I could go on for awhile... but I'd like to get to the point...

I'm going to see how long I can go WITHOUT a cell phone. I know it seems extreme, but with computer access, I will have that to fall back on :)

yes, i said it.

Today marks the end of DAY ONE WITHOUT CELL...

At first, it was easy... i was mad at my phone and the service provider, so i just pushed it aside and hid behind my computer for hours... my facebook updates could show you exactly how long!

Later I just held my phone in my hand, like the friend I knew I was about to lose, but wanted to keep closer for sentimental reasons. It doesn't even tell me the time anymore...

Towards the end... i pushed buttons... not to do anything, but just because I was used to the auto mechanics of button pressing... and need to get it's habitual fix for the day.
that's it...


I don't know how long i'll last, but that's part of the mission... to see how long a cell phone addict can go without.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chayanne "No Hay Imposibles" Tour begins!!

It began in my hometown of Los Angeles, Ca... the tour that has 11 dance numbers with twice as many ballads. The band is extremely talented. The dancers are uniquely gifted with surprises in each number... and of course Chayanne, the boss man himself, is epic.

Chayanne's fans have not let us down. From the Gibson in Universal City, to San Jose, to the Morongo Resort in Cabazon, to Tucson and our best yet, San Diego Sports Arena... the fans are undeniably vocal and highly energetic through the whole show. I can't begin to tell you my sincerest appreciation for these amazing fans of his! They keep us going through a very tiring set of dance numbers.

Here's a preview from a few of our routines... this extremely energetic one, Torrero.
Below is one of my favorite and most fun numbers, 'Besos en la boca.' Sammy Nelms is killing it up front! :D
Trying to get the crowd interaction during 'Besos en la boca.'
Me, Ferly and the Boss doing "Salome."
Me, Ferly and the boss performing his new single, "Tu Boca."
In case you haven't gotten to see the music video we shot with him in Miami a couple of months back, here's the official release!

Hope to come with more updates soon!

We're headed to Spain this weekend for a show in Valladolid... Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Check out tonights episode of GLEE on FOX at 9pm... the Madonna episode. It's pretty rockin!
I'm in Miami and I got to see it a few hours ago and was lucky to get a quick shot :) I dance as a cheerio cheerleader in two of the numbers... the one with the stilts, "ray of light"... and the one with the band, "4 minutes."

I absolutely adore Brittany's character played by Heather Morris ... her humor and witty lines are keeping me laughing out loud. It doesn't hurt that she's a really sweet person and phenomenal dancer!

Just finished our first day of rehearsals here in Miami and we were definitely pushing our brain's abilities! I can't believe I learned that much choreography in one day! The choreographer isn't a fan of repeated verses or choruses of choreography, so it was new move after new move. I have to admit, it helps to know which part of the song you're at.

Here's a flashback to the good times on the motocross show that just ended... i'm going to miss my nuclear family:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Whoa! it's already April 19th.
That means a few things...

1.) One of my favorite jobs of all time just ended... Nuclear Cowboyz Motocross Show.
We had our last show in Rosemont, IL last night and the performers really went out strong.
I've been dance captain for four months and tried my best to make sure logistics of the show went smoothly... How do those dancers show their sincere appreciation?
Act 1 Scene 1 - "Flashlight" number
The 8 female dancers do a dance with high power flashlights that create strong beams through the smoke filled arena.
They conveniently drained the battery on my flashlight. I had no beam
Act 1 Scene 2 - "Sticks"
The dancers do a dancer with a 5' stick... they hid my stick.
Luckily one had my back to give it to me SUPER last second!
Act 2 Scene 2 - "Fire"
Simple routine involving dancing around fire lit apparatus. The girls dumped 7 water bottles on me, drenching me as I'm going out to dance...
Act 2 Scene 4 - "Invasion"
4 girls dressed in white are supposed to fight the 4 girls dressed in black... one on one style... it was 3 on 1 on each team!! They turned on us!! lol

I loved this job and the people on it. I was so blessed to have been a part of such an amazingly creative production. I'm going to miss everyone.


2.)When door closes, another door opens...
I'm in MIAMI! Rehearsing for another tour... dancing for the Latin artist Chayanne! I'm so excited for all the new places I'll be able to tour with him that I wouldn't like get to go to with any other artist!

Check it out!

And here's a sneak peak on the music video I recently got to shoot with him!

If you want to see if bigger check it out on youtube:

There will be another invasion of photos on my blog soon!
Til then, thanks for reading :D

and in case you're bored... i dig this site:

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have to share this my friends... and it's something you've been waiting to see for a really long time.
and Sincerity.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution rocked my world tonight. I loved that this man is taking his personal time to venture away from his home to educate, change and bring hope to the future of our country.

Please watch this free episode to see how he is making America a better place, one meal at a time.

Click to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where to begin on all the fun that life has to offer?! ...

Thanks to my friend who works on Project Runway, I was able to get two tickets to the Project Runway season finale at Bryant Park. So I booked a ticket to New York and me and one of my best friends, Alison, suited up in the snowy city of fashion and cabbed it to Bryant Park where the skinniest people of the city walk around in the most alluring outfits. I was lucky to see two fashion shows that day... the top 4 designers... then the top ten! The best part was that I got to get this picture in front of their iconic wall.

Below is another fashion show I was able to model in at the new restaurant An Qi in the south coast plaza mall! I love the hair, fashion, and overall creativity of this group!

Travis, the creative designer behind this amazing look, is impeccable with his execution. He inspires me!
SNOWBOARDING!! At the top of Mountain high, Roxanne, me and two of my boyfriend's brothers are preparing to take the mountain on! If we went left, we would have met the black diamond's wrath... so I stayed right and took on an intermediate mountain. Roxanne (far left) is the most experienced in this picture, but she was nice enough to stay with her beginner buddy!! :) yessss....
Snow bunnies are nothing without their better half on the slopes... I attacked my boyfriend with kisses before I even took on the mountain! he had no choice hahaha...
Oooohhhh... Tampa, you weren't ready for us. The Nuclear Cowboyz did an amazing show in Tampa... after which, us Nuclear Cowgirlz decided to take on the city. We found what we called a "bubble car"... simply a golf cart covered in a glorified saran wrap. Who could turn down this type of transportation?! We were so excited, i think we sincerely scared the driver!!
Dinner and bowling at Splitsville with the ladies and the riders. We always have to stop and take pictures. People hate me for it... but thank me later! :)
Performers and Riders bowling and eating at Splitsville!! They were so accommodating and took amazing care of us. They gave us our own lanes, buckets of drinks, and lots of great food! Will definitely be going back there again!
SAN DIEGO!! Club Com and Zoom media hired four dancers to perform on the streets of San Diego and pull people into their booth at the fitness convention. One of our most interesting and best jobs yet. Hysterical... BIG SHOW LADIES!
Streets to stairs to restaurant fronts, we made anything our stage and performed to the famous songs of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas... There were people who were moved, audiences that were entertained and even a few uncomfortable moments from watchers who showed guilt for enjoying the show. Quite hysterically, there were a few men who were scared to take a photo with us because they didn't want to get "caught" doing something bad... it's a public live performance guys... guilty minds live guilty lives. sorry gentlemen, you're already caught.
Eve Torres, Ryron and Rener Gracie and the Nuclear Cowgirlz after our final show in San Diego! it couldn't have worked out more perfect... Ryron came down to watch my shows and surprised me with my good friend Eve and her boyfriend Rener. The next morning, Ryron and Rener taught a jiu jitsu seminar in La Jolla... and on Monday, I got to see Eve perform for the first time in Monday night Raw on the WWE! It was a double date weekend extravaganza where all of us were working and all of us got to support each other in each of our jobs! :D Awesomeness!!
Somehow, Ryron got all of the Riders and Nuclear Cowgirls together in a photo! This was unprecedented in an autograph signing, but thanks to everyone for helping make this happen! :)
Time off in La Jolla... one of our favorite areas to escape to! Sneak attack kisses.
La Jolla... with my boyfriend. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">MORE PICTURES I can leak from IRON MAN 2 shoot! Behind the scenes of this shoot has been kept under wraps for almost a year. Here, it's the Ironettes watching as Robert Downey Jr. begins his speech.
16 Ironettes line up to do their dance routine and kick line!
Ironettes in a photo with director John Favreau!
Rachel Smith and I in a picture with the suit that is ... IRON MAN!
THE Iron man and our favorite, Chris Castaldi! This will be a very exciting film...

Thanks for keeping up with me!! :D
~ victoria ;)